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Hi there,

My name is Aren Aizura, and I'm currently looking for participants in an online survey about transgender/transsexuality/gender variance and travel. If you're interested, check out the survey website. More details are behind the cut, including a link to the survey. I'm looking for participants from across the globe.

Many thanks,
Aren Aizura
University of Melbourne

(apologies for xposting)

Transgender, Transsexual, Genderqueer, Gender Variant People and Travel:

How would you like to participate in an online questionnaire about gender
variance and travel?

The questionnaire is about how patterns of geographical travel relate to gender
variant identities and practices. It forms part of a doctoral research
project in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at the University
of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The questionnaire is for anyone, living anywhere in the world, aged over 18
who considers themselves transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, gender
variant or gender transgressive.

During the questionnaire, you will be asked questions such as: whether you
have ever travelled long distances in order to obtain body modifications
such as hormones or gender reassignment surgery; whether it has been
necessary for you to move to another place in order to live in your chosen
gender; if you have travelled or gone on holiday in order to mark the moment
of public transition from one gender to another; if you feel that place or
geographical location relates to the way you experience gender identity, and
if so, how; about any experiences you've had negotiating gender identity or
passing while travelling, for example in airports, passing through Customs,

Unfortunately, the questionnaire is only available in English at this time.
The questionnaire takes about 15-30 minutes to fill out. You do not have to
provide your name -- it is entirely anonymous. You can also stop doing the
survey at any time.

The results of the survey will be used in both a qualitative and
quantitative sense: to prepare some statistics on the most common reasons
that gender variant people might travel; and to gather first-hand textual
accounts. I will be analysing and publishing the results in the latter part
of my PhD thesis, entitled "Travellers Across the Boundaries of Sex".

For more information about the study as a whole, ethical considerations,
method and direction of this research, please see the Gender Travel website:

About the Researcher: Aren Z. Aizura is a Melbourne-based ftm trannyboy. He
is writing a doctoral research project on gender variance and travel, for
which this questionnaire is designed.

The anticipated expiration date for the questionnaire, depending on
responses, is June 30th.

Please email me on alchemic AT if you have any questions
regarding the survey or research.

Thank you for your interest!

Aren Aizura

Aren Z. Aizura
Doctoral Candidate
Department of English with Cultural Studies
Faculty of Arts
University of Melbourne
Victoria, Australia
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