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I think I've spammed this just about everywhere it's possible to spam except LJ, so apologies if this is old news already.

If you'd like to see me do a rare spoken word gig, and see some other great queer Melbourne words and cabaret, I'm performing at two Midsumma events in the next couple of weeks. At the former, we've been asked to dress up, preferably in character. Since my piece is set in a hospital, I'm considering dressing up as a doctor. That, or a tux, with a bowtie and everything. Anyhow, if you're in Melbourne, come on down!

1. Gendermash @ Gasworks

Following on from the popular Tranzlezbian Readings, held regularly over the last 6 years at King Victoria drag kings, Gendermash is a deliberately controversial, positive, and sexed up journey starring Gender creators, morphers, questioners and revellers.

Saturday 27th January @ 10.15pm
Gasworks Arts Park (Foyer)
21 Graham Street
Albert Park

(Check out the following Friday night, Jan 3rd, for more Gendermash cabaret/reading at the same venue, same time.)

2. Come As You Are

Readings about bisexuality and desire for more than one gender. Performers are bi, straight, gay, trans and queer. Featured readers are: me, Tim Baxter, Peter Davis, Lisa-Skye Ioannidis, Jennifer Lee, Paul Mitchell, Jo Mundy, Megan Petrie and Catherine Padmore. Shelley O'Reilly will MC. Music performed by Duncan Graham. Image by Paul Rasche. Includes a door prize.

Thu 08 Feb @ 7.00pm
Dantes (upstairs)
150 Gertrude St,
Fitzroy 3065
$12 Full, $8 Con.
For bookings email


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