Feb. 8th, 2009 10:41 pm
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Hey y'all. I'm still in San Francisco. Going to Chicago tomorrow. As ever with this trip, too much to write about, process, think through.

So, I am also trimming my friends list right back for travelling. At the moment I can hardly keep up with everyone's news and I really want to keep up with important news from Australia (specifically about the fires, which are horrific, but also from close friends) without having too much else to wade through. I'll reinstate when I get home. So if I've unfriended you don't take it personally!


Sep. 6th, 2008 10:00 pm
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OMG that marching band uniform...
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Pass it on!

Call for Submissions

Working Title: Spilling Over: A Fat, Queer Anthology
Editor: Jessica Giusti, Feminist Studies Ph.D. Student,
University of Minnesota
Submission Deadline:
December 1, 2008

Despite the attention given by queer studies to the materiality of bodies and the cultural and social inscriptions that designate them, still a dearth of both scholarship and literature exists around intersections of gender, sexuality, and fatness.  As fat studies begins to emerge as a viable academic location of inquiry, questions surface as to how fat bodies, deemed "excessive" in their trespasses of size and space, create even more complex subject positions when compounded by queer desires. This proposed anthology seeks contributions addressing junctions of "fat" and "queer" in pieces that consider the representations and resistances of non-normative corporeality and also writings considering the theoretical conceptions of these intricate subjectivities. Spilling Over will reflect the notions of excess, boundaries, and containment implied by the labels "fat" and "queer" both singularly and collectively.  In the form of scholarly writing and creative non-fiction pieces, essay submissions might consider (but are not limited to):

  • theorizing the concept of "excess" as it pertains to fatness and queerness
  • fat and queer identities; personal narratives; reclaiming "fat" and "queer"
  • notions of (in)visibility, hypervisibility, and passing and/or privilege
  • intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, (dis)ability, age, and religion
  • the economics of the obesity "epidemic" and the diet industry
  • fat, queer art and performance; performativity
  • pleasure, sex-positivity, eroticizing non-normative bodies
  • acceptance movements, political activism, resistance
  • the engagement of feminism with fatness
  • global, transnational, transcultural constructions of fat, queer bodies and lives
  • critical reflections of fatness and queerness in media, literature, film, music, and visual arts
  • the rhetoric of fat oppression, fatphobia, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, responding to and/or addressing hate speech

By December 1, 2008, please send your 2,000 – 6,000 word submission, along with your complete contact information and a 50-100 word biography, to with the subject line of "Spilling Over – Submission."  Submissions must be received in 12 point Times New Roman font and sent in via Word documents (PDFs will not be accepted).  Pieces will be reviewed and decisions made by April 2009. Please note that accepted submissions will be approved on a tentative basis, pending editorial board approval once the anthology has secured a publisher.

Questions can be directed to me at or visit the MySpace page at

Please distribute widely.

plug plug

Jun. 18th, 2007 05:18 pm
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Hey people,

Here be a plug for a workshop at Melbourne Uni this Friday and Saturday called "(Un)Making Queer Worlds: Transforming Queer Cultures in the Asia Pacific." It's a two day 'round table' workshop for postgrads and non-established people in the academy, meaning that people present work they've already written, with an emphasis on intensive discussion of politics (we hope).

Rego is free, you can come to whatever bits you happen to be interested in, and the whole conference program is here. The venue is the Gryphon Gallery, in the Gradute Centre, Melbourne University (on Grattan St) and things kick off at 10am Friday.

You might also like to check out the keynote address on Friday night by Peter A. Jackson, a pretty interesting scholar of Thai sexualities/genders. He's talking on "Capitalism, Queer Autonomy, and the Historical Production of Sex Cultural Difference". It will be a great talk. That's at 5.30pm Friday 23 June, Gryphon Gallery, Graduate Centre, University of Melbourne.

If you're extra keen you can catch me presenting some work on gender reassignment clinics in Thailand at 2.15pm on Saturday.
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I think I've spammed this just about everywhere it's possible to spam except LJ, so apologies if this is old news already.

If you'd like to see me do a rare spoken word gig, and see some other great queer Melbourne words and cabaret, I'm performing at two Midsumma events in the next couple of weeks. At the former, we've been asked to dress up, preferably in character. Since my piece is set in a hospital, I'm considering dressing up as a doctor. That, or a tux, with a bowtie and everything. Anyhow, if you're in Melbourne, come on down!

1. Gendermash @ Gasworks

Following on from the popular Tranzlezbian Readings, held regularly over the last 6 years at King Victoria drag kings, Gendermash is a deliberately controversial, positive, and sexed up journey starring Gender creators, morphers, questioners and revellers.

Saturday 27th January @ 10.15pm
Gasworks Arts Park (Foyer)
21 Graham Street
Albert Park

(Check out the following Friday night, Jan 3rd, for more Gendermash cabaret/reading at the same venue, same time.)

2. Come As You Are

Readings about bisexuality and desire for more than one gender. Performers are bi, straight, gay, trans and queer. Featured readers are: me, Tim Baxter, Peter Davis, Lisa-Skye Ioannidis, Jennifer Lee, Paul Mitchell, Jo Mundy, Megan Petrie and Catherine Padmore. Shelley O'Reilly will MC. Music performed by Duncan Graham. Image by Paul Rasche. Includes a door prize.

Thu 08 Feb @ 7.00pm
Dantes (upstairs)
150 Gertrude St,
Fitzroy 3065
$12 Full, $8 Con.
For bookings email
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From the Gender Project:

Nominations are now open for Melbourne's first annual Trans Revolutionary Achievement and Non-Achievement Awards (TRAANAA), otherwise known as the Trannys.

We call for nominations of

• local community organisations
• bureaucratic institutions
• community leaders
• films
• events
• performers
• health professionals
• random personal moments of revelation
• people we love, or love to hate

The Trannys are about celebrating the joys and difficulties of trans/queer existence with a dash of glamour, an ounce of piss-taking, and the serious need to out the crappy transphobic institutions that make our lives hell. We challenge the conservatism of the pink champagne circuit, where the same 'community leaders' parade around, year after dull year. We challenge the skewed representations of the queer media, for whom the latest Anthony Callea single is more important than trans and queer people living with poverty, discrimination and violence. We challenge the fallacy that there is a GLBTQI community in which we are all equal.

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This video letter was made on July 21, 2006 at the studios of Beirut DC, a film and cinema collective which runs the yearly Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya Film Festival. This video letter was produced in collaboration with Samidoun, a grassroots gathering of various organizations and individuals who were involved in relief and media efforts from the first day of the Israeli attack on Lebanon.

Click the image above to watch the movie or go to to download it. The film is available under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works License, which means you are free to share or screen the movie as long as you credit the makers and do not re-edit it.

(via the @rchive and voyantes)

We are listening. I am listening. I hear your song, and the sound of the bombs that interrupts it. I hear your words. I, like you, am frightened. Everyone I know is frightened, here in Australia, despite how the bodycount of Lebanon and Israel merely adds to the bodycounts of Iraq and Afghanistan, the bodycounts of those people who die not so far from Lebanon trying to bridge this stupid gap between "Middle Eastern" or "African" and "European" in this stupid war which is everywhere.

But I am not afraid to meet your eyes. Some of us are not afraid. We meet your eyes through our tears and yours, through the screens that divide us, across the distance, and despite the violences of the nightly news that make us voyeurs of the cross-hatch target on black-and-white footage of explosions, three per night.

If we were only there to help we would. But we can help in other ways.

If you're reading this, please post the movie on your blog. You could email the makers, or you could just write something in response.
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Hi there,

My name is Aren Aizura, and I'm currently looking for participants in an online survey about transgender/transsexuality/gender variance and travel. If you're interested, check out the survey website. More details are behind the cut, including a link to the survey. I'm looking for participants from across the globe.

Many thanks,
Aren Aizura
University of Melbourne

(apologies for xposting)

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Since I'm cleaning out the closet (deleting my old weblog, which like this goes under 'theorybitch'), I thought I'd get rid of all this too. I've been wanting to for a while. Now it's gone. Time for a new leaf, which has no need to keep the old pressure-release confessional around as a memento.

I intend on starting up a new blog very soon, just as soon as I can think of a name and a reason. In the meantime, I'll keep this alive for the sake of the lovely friends page y'all contribute to. Be well, everyone.